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Commercial Cleans

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Since we are a full-service commercial cleaning company, we have the tools necessary to clean any office from single floor offices, to an entire building.


You can expect us to cover additional services if you like.

Do you need a full-fledged commercial cleaning service for your facility in Edmonton?

Owning a commercial property is riddled with responsibility. Not only are you burdened with keeping production going, but also maintaining the place. Our commercial service targets the maintenance aspect of running a commercial space.

Therefore, if you are wondering if a professional commercial cleaning service is what you need, then the answer is simple; yes.


With great commercial cleaners on the job, you can book a complete top-to-bottom clean. Our crew is qualified to handle the largest of commercial properties effectively.


We use powerful machinery to focus on large surface cleaning, however, wherever needed we are not afraid to use hand-held cleaning tools and chemical solutions.

Our commercial cleaning processes

Great commercial cleaners are known for their propensity to remain effective while using non-toxic or abrasive solutions. This, however, depends on the type of flooring, doors, stairs, and extent of dirt that we need to clean. This is why we first complete a walkthrough, preferably with the owner or administrator to discuss the preferred methods and our cleaning process. Typical tasks may include (but is not limited to)

  • Empty trash cans, reline when needed

  • Vacuum floors

  • Mop floors

  • Dusting all possible surfaces

  • Door knobs, outlets, and switch sanitizing

  • Light fixture dust downs

  • Floor cleaning and polishing

  • Spot and stain removal

  • Wipe down for glass doors

  • Clean-up for all desks, tables, chairs, and computing equipment

  • Window cleaning

  • Restroom cleaning/sanitizing

  • Tidy and dust lobby

  • Vacuum stairs

These are some of our basic office and commercial cleaning services. You can certainly add to the list before or after the completion of the service.

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